The DEMETER project

Leading Magnetic Design are proud to announce that in July 2020 we, alongside development partner Nemein Ltd, have been awarded SMART Cymru R&D funding. The DEMETER (Downhole ElectroMagnetic Environmental ThermoElectric Repeater) project will develop a next generation electromagnetic data transmission system, powered by electrical energy harvested from temperature and vibrations from the drilling process.

The new system will increase data transmission rates using collar mounted electromagnetic repeaters, whilst featuring through bore access through the drill pipe. This allows bypass for drop balls and darts, and for the retrieval of MWD/LWD hardware if needed. As a result the technology will increase data rates without increasing battery costs or impacting other operations.

The system will remove (or reduce when redundancy is desired) the requirement for lithium cells downhole, eliminating the need to trip out of the well to change expensive battery packs. This will reduce logistical and recycling challenges associated with batteries and therefore reduce environmental impact. Additionally it is expected that this functionally flexible and high temperature rated system will be another step towards enhancing the development of geothermal energy.


Twin EM MWD System