Twin Telemetry: EM Measurements While Drilling

The Twin system from Leading Magnetic Design is the first true twin MWD. Twin does not require tripping or switching between mud pulse and EM, instead the EM runs in parallel with industry-standard Tensor-compatible mud pulse. Twin is ultra power-efficient, autonomous, high output, high speed, and temperature-rated to 165C. The system is rugged, reliable, and field-proven, with field support provided by our partners Drill Tek MWD. All the advantages of EM can now be obtained at a fraction of the cost. Our latest advanced data coding allows effective throughput of 10 bits per second.

EM tool assembly in the field
EM tool assembly in the field

Why use EM?

  • The operation of an EM tool is independent of the drilling mud used, and will allow faster drilling by selecting lower pressure
  • EM does not require waiting for connection: 6-9 hours can be saved per job
  • High-speed transmission, tool transmits 4 global variables: can use EM to transmit 3 geosteering resistivities, gamma and toolface, while drilling, with 8s update compared to a standard 120s for mud pulse at 0.8s pulse width
  • No moving mechanical parts

Investing in twin telemetry

Twin allows re-using existing Industry standard MWD sensors and surface unit with an EM tool: compatibility with the existing mud pulse system makes our system easy and straightforward to use. The mud pulse and EM complement each other, providing redundancy and ensuring your telemetry continues to operate to TD, regardless of depth, formation, the mud pressure, or the LCM content.


Twin EM MWD System