Twin Features

  • True twin system: running EM simultaneously with mud pulse: no tripping or switching required.
  • Plug and play compatibility to industry-standard Tensor and Tensor-compatible mud pulse systems: you can continue using the existing sensor package and software.
  • Dedicated second MWD controller, operationg as a true slave node on Q-bus without stalling the MPU. Allows transmission of directional data, 4 global variables, gamma, and battery voltage.
  • Tool is fully retrievable.
  • Continuous wave method of transmission: a power efficient way to send signal through formation, continuous wave does not use pulses at any stage of transmission.
  • High voltage system: maximum voltage output of up to 30V. High voltage allows the tool to cover a wide range of formation resistivities, including highly resistive rock formations.
  • Power economy: high voltage output is combined with a typical battery life of over 200 hours per battery.
  • Constant current automatic lithology compensation: provides power conservation during operation and signal reliably in challenging formations.
  • Depth of operation of 18,000 feet, demonstrated during commercial drilling.
  • Ultra low-noise receiver technology (intrinsic noise under 0.2 microvolts) - based on leading edge scientific techniques.
  • Double gap sub with internal and external insulation, no current leakage, ruggedised for extra mechanical strength.
  • Mechanically robust: no moving mechanical parts, durable retrievable bulkhead, EM antenna stronger than the inner tool string, gap sub stronger than all other BHA components.
  • Fully surface-programmable receiver and transmitter settings.
  • Compact receiver design, easily portable. Modem wireless link between receiver and operator location.

Twin EM MWD System